Waqar Zaka’s gift of Rs. 1 million to Arshad Nadeem

Electronic media gets such a great deal of cash stream we can maintain our kinfolk, India has made various presentations for its rivals, I need you parents not to depend upon the public power, talk

Driving Pakistani showbiz industry have Waqar Zaka has gifted Rs 1 million to Arshad Nadeem, a contender who ruled at the Tokyo Olympics, on his get back. Driving host Waqar Zaka had ensured in a private TV show that the money he They will give a part of the money they procure from online media to Arshad Nadeem.

Host Waqar Zaka displayed in Lahore from Karachi to invite Arshad Nadeem on his get back, where he gave Rs. 1 million as a gift to Arshad Nadeem as ensured. Waqar Zaka shared these significant minutes on his Facebook page. He similarly conferred to the fans through live streaming. “Online media acquires adequate money for us to help our family. Our bordering country (India) has made a lot of revelations for its rivals anyway I needn’t bother with you to depend upon the public position.

“I’m giving them this money to stimulate various contenders,” he added. In the event that you can get them, the whole nation, including me, will maintain you.

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